Friday, June 29, 2007

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pregnancy Week 29

YOUR BABY THIS WEEK...Week 29 - from

If you find yourself dreaming about that perfect little baby, you’re not alone. Baby is starting to dream now too—about you, the perfect mom!

Your Baby: Between weeks 26 and 27, your baby begins to experience REM sleep and he can dream! Your baby now weighs close to 3 pounds (1.3 kg) and is approaching 17 inches (43 cm) from head to toe. His eyes are becoming more sensitive and might be able to notice when you are sitting in the sun or reading by a bright light. As baby grows, conditions in the uterus become a little cramped, so there isn’t quite as much room to kick those tiny legs or wave those teeny arms. Therefore, you may feel a little less movement now, but that’s normal.

From me:
We went to the Doctor's yesterday and everything is progressing according to plan. Bean's heartbeat is at 140 and sounding like he is growing a big healthy heart - the sound has changed from the frantic pitter-patter to a slightly-slower whoop-whoop noise. The uterus measures within the normal range and Bean's kick is now almost reaching my ribs but not quite (enough to startle me out of sleep at night though). We did OK on the glucose screen (but only OK so we'll have it repeated in a month, just to make sure) and I'm officially 20 lbs. heavier than I was when Bean was but a bean...I have slight case of a nasal congestion (brought on by the pregnancy and perfectly normal, according to Dr. H) and my appetite is back to first-trimester locust-like dimensions, which is also normal, since Bean is in the "fattening up" stage now. At the advise of Cindy, my mother-in-law and my personal nurse, I'm going to cut back on sweets and carbs and pick up my protein intake, so as to not "fail" the next blood-sugar screen...

...oh and if all goes well, Bean and I will "compete" in the local 4th of July 5K race! We did the race course last week and are poised to break the 35-minute "last trimester sprint" record...(that's almost a 12 min./mile - some people can walk that, but could they run it with a big belly liek mine?) We are all signed up and I'm exited to have Bean along the whole way and then Jacob and his cousin Sara for part of the way (they will run ahead to compete and then double back to bring up my waddling rear...) We have the Doc's OK on it (as long as we stay slow, cool and walk whenever necessary) The race is at 8 a.m. I will post pictures...

I'm still amazed how easy and wonderful this whole pregnancy is progressing. I'm grateful for that - tremendously grateful! Now if I only could convince Bean to sleep when I'm sleeping and keep the kicking to the daytime hours... more observation...he LOVES it when I sing really loud in the car to music on the radio (we are taking a bookeeping class at a community college 40 miles away twice a week - lots of driving time)...he just "bobs away" with such consistency that I'm convinced that he either is a huge fan of his mommie's singing voice or is inheriting his Daddy's keen ear for rhythm and pitch (meaning his "bobbing" is actually "cringing")...either way I'm going to continue to sing to him...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Momma's Big Day Out!

We're a little behind, but we celebrated Mother's Day in big style - it was so much fun, I even got over Jacob calling me a "quasi Mom" (fodder for thought for upcoming Father's Day).

Together with Jacob's Mom (a real one, even by Jacob's tough-to-please standards) and his Dad, we cooked up a big breakfast and then proceeded to hike about 7 miles roundtrip up Looking Glass Mountain here in beautiful Pisgah National Forest. It took us the better part of an afternoon and at times I thought I'd liquify, but it was all worth it!

We saw a non-poisenous snake sunning itself, not even mildly worried about our prodding sticks, countless beautiful wildflowers, which Cindy busily captured with her camera and falcons circling lazily in the afternoon breeze...

Monday, June 4, 2007

The heat is on!

June is here!

A new month & some new snapshots, can you believe how much I have grown? And furthermore can you believe how little Jacob has packed on?
At last official weigh in there were only about 12 pounds separating us!
No, I'm not telling who's heavier...
All is well and we are enjoying the "homestretch" ...about 12-15 more weeks to go and we'll be three!