Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goldilocks no more



I'm stilling wringing my hands, but the haircut given by Daddy was in order and went over without major incident for the most part.
Voila, I present to you, my almost-grown son, Gus.
I can' believe how different he looks.
So big and boyish.
Where, where has my baby gone?
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Best Buds



Gus is very fortunate to have a best friend in Rion, whose Momma, Heather, also happens to be one of my best friends. These two match each other very well in temperament, energy level and feistiness - often to our consternation, outmatching us.
I took these shots on the way to the shoals where we have a weekly standing date with hordes of other Mommas and their little boys and girls to splash in the shallow water, enjoy a brisk walk in the forest and eat a snack together while we all socialize, far from work, traffic, to dos and other stuff that daily life seems to be too often made of.

Gus and Rion were having a great time riding together in a one-seater and cheering me on to go faster and faster on the gravely road....quite a load especially on the uphills! The sweet thing for me to see was that not only was Rion holding on for dear life, but Gus, too, had a protective arm around Rion, and was concerned to let him go once the ride came to an end.

Sweet. Little boys...despite the dirt, the tantrums, the endless likes and dislikes...they are so sweet.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011





Thank you Pap and Granna for another action-filled weekend...your home is a haven for little boys.
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Road Trip!


"To infinity and beyond"

"hmm fruit cup from Chick-a-Filet"

Afternoon Nap

"Almost there! Looking for Pap's barn"

Gus was a champ this past weekend, spending 6 hours each way to journey from Brevard to Locust Fork, Alabama and back. He is and remains the best traveler kid I've ever been around.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

D is for Daddy

They are so alike in so many ways and complement each other in so many other ways that I often feel like the third wheel, the odd man out, the one left out of the a good way...I marvel at how they are similar they are down to their genetic core and see the world in a color scheme that is just a few hues off from mine. Gus adores and loves his Daddy (one of the first letters he learned was D because it is for Daddy) and the feeling is very mutual as Jacob is that one individual in Gus' life who isn't trying to "fix him" whenever the chance arises, but instead, simply let's him be the person that he is.
They are a perfect match for each other. A good Son for a good Dad and a good Dad for a good Son.
Happy Father's Day to a man who elevates the meaning of Fatherhood each day to new highs.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A restful place


Jacob's been working hard to finish our bedroom, which has been in the works since Christmas...I now for the first time in four years have a bedroom closet...a place to hang and stack clothes and shoes (especially Jacob's Imelda Marcos-sized collection of footwear). It's been heavenly and has made folding laundry a fun venture - almost.

Over the past week, Jacob's been plastering and painting the walls and fixed up the baseboards, which in a 110-plus-year-old house is akin to a day of puzzling math problems, not a single 90 degree angle to work with, but he's got it done.

Check out my "feature wall" (yes, I watch too many decorating shows on my computer) it's called "lounge singer" and I loved it just based on that's a beautiful muddy grey that seems to go with everything and make everything look more relaxed and stylish....which is exactly the theme I'm going for: Spartan, Simple, Relaxed, Uncluttered, Clean.

I can't wait to sleep in here again.

Next up. Jacob is building us a custom may hang from the ceiling by ropes, or be on stilts or feature cement, but whatever he does it will be beautiful and a pleasure to look at every day.

Did I mention I can't wait to sleep in here again?
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First Day of Summer Break!


It's Gus' first day of summer, as he said good-bye to some dear - bigger - friends at preschool who will not be returning in the fall, but go on to kindergarten...since that's still two years away for us, we decided to spend the first day off doing whatever felt go floating in an inner tube with our friends, Heather and Rion, disappear - temporarily - when our mothers weren't catching up fast enough, though Heather tried, and earlier this afternoon, Gus strapped on an apron and helped me bake blueberry muffins...well he mostly liked the apron and being near the sink...but he did do some measuring and mixing...aside from looking adorably cute...maybe he'll be the next cute TV chef...although I don't see him yell at some poor underlings or charm random people at grocery stores into taking him home to cook for them....

The muffins are yummy though, and Gus is soundly napping...

...sweet summer is here.
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

What a Smile


One more from the floating in the river session. Just because he smiled so big and looked so straight at me. This makes my heart leap with joy.
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Floating Along





Yesterday, as temperatures lazily hovered in the mid-80s, we decided to cool off drastically and quick, we loaded up the Jeepster with an inner tube (this spells a good time, if your name is Jacob) and tooled on down to Davidson River in Pisgah National Forest - that's right, we live just two stumbles from this beauty and we go wallow in it every chance we get.

Gus loves the inner tube and I love watching him and Jacob playing in and around it...until they get in the currents where things get a bit too dynamic for my taste...but of course, that's what makes my two men-hearts go pitter-patter and makes them want to do it again and again...needless to say we brought a innertube, but left anything useful and safe (such as towels or Gus' swim vest) at home.

We were shivering by the time we were done, and stayed nice and cool for the rest of the day.

Summer is such a treat around here!
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