Thursday, November 29, 2007

Grateful for grandparents

On Sunday, Gus said goodbye to his Grosmami und Grosbape as they headed back to Switzerland, but before that we all enjoyed a harmonious and fun-filled Thanksgiving break in Locust Fork, Ala. with both sets of grandparents.

Needless to say Gus had a rapt audience at almost all hours of the day and couldn't have wanted for more hugs and kisses. Here are some pictures I took, while I had lots of two-hands time. My Dad got in touch with his farmer roots (he grew up poor on one), my Mom celebrated her 60th birthday and Gus discovered his love for picture books (he really enjoys them!)
I am grateful for family - and my son.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Lil' baby, lil' tree

When my Dad was a young man, he met an old jewish man who told him a tale, he's been fond of ever since.

For a man to reach his full potential in life, he must:

Own land
sire a son
and plant a tree...

Granted my Dad remained the father of a daugther for about 7 more years and didn't own his own piece of land for another 14 years, but he held on to that saying and he did eventually plant his tree after my brother Dominic was born in 1977.

So it came as no surprise that soon after taking up temporary residence in our Brevard home, my Dad came home from Lowe's (his favorite shopping spot) with a little fir tree. It's been planted now and Jacob has been patted on the back for being a man who has reached his full potential.

As an aside in my mind, any man who is the father of a daughter, should just plant a pretty fruit tree and consider himself fully potentialized, as well.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Long - gone.

Yesterday morning I had my long tangled locks cut off... as anyone who knows me will surmise, that's a big step for me. I resist change, especially self-initated change. Once it happens I rise to the challenge of adapting, but bringing it on goes against my very DNA. I am a creature of structure, order and tradition. I adore things staying the same and steady... so it was with a heavy heart and a fair portion of trepidation that I made an appointment at the beauty shop.
Logic dictated the move. Gus was cute when he held on to my braid as if it were a life raft during his second bath (that image will stay with me forever and bring tears to my eyes whenever), but watching him spit up in my pigtails twice in one day wasn't as cute. In between we would get entangled in it together and more than one time he emerged victorious clutching a few long hairs after we had gone through a painful separation of his hands and my hair.

So for the past nine weeks I've been sporting either a messy ponytail, a hasty knot or a frumpy braid... anything to get it out of my face and out of Gus' reach.

And since the pregnancy hormones that made my hair for once lush and glorious is quickly draining off - leaving it its wake, coarse, rapidly grey and less and less hair on my head and more in the drain, the move was a no brainer... still it's a change...

So here it is, a bit shorter than I imagined (my hairstylish got really inspired and started cutting before I was done talking, so I just shut up and prayed silently that it would still be befitting of me once she was through with me) but sassy and healthy feeling.

It's a bit Posh Spice and a bit flapper chic. I just hope I can deal with it... because it is definitely too short to put in a braid.

Grosi & Grosbape are here!

Gus has been spending lots of quality time with his Grosi & Grosbape, who are visiting from Switzerland. He is being emersed in the language and against all her advise, Grosi lavishes him with constant attention and plenty of kisses and hours of gentle rocking either on her shoulder or in the brandnew and oh-so chic Euro stroller. He loves it as he begins to coo and react to faces and expressions. We are enjoying him more deeply every day.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Hit the Pause Button

Gus's Grosi & Grossfatter came to town a little over a week ago, and - against my usual inclination, I've been busy snapping pictures - only I lost all of them today, making a dumb move on an unfamiliar computer because my office computer is down and I currently rely on the ones at the library...I'm mourning the loss of some adorable candid shots of Gus meeting his grandma and grandpa, as well as pictures of Gus in his first Halloween outfit, courtesy of his great-grand-Meme...I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do to get them back, and true to my neat nature, I already deleted them off my camera...

So all I can do, is move on, take more pictures and try to capture that magic that is developing between Gus and his Swiss grandparents...he is being spoiled without a minute to spare and he loves it...busily cooing away at an always attentive and appreciative audience.

I'll try to be back with some photos in a couple of days, until then, be patient.