Monday, March 28, 2011

Critter & Cares

One of the true axioms in my life - pardon me I can't resist using one of my hard-earned GRE words - is that if stuff hits the fan it's in the form of a mudslide... in the past week, I learned that moths had taken over my pantry, where I like to keep food stuff, not critters. After a little online searching I inured - ha! Another GRE jewel - myself to the following facts: That I would have to throw out everything edible, disasemble the shelving, bleach it, wipe down the walls and every nook and cranny, twice with white vinegar, put the shelving back in, buy new dry food...and..oh...$70 worth of air-tight containers...and still live with another 6 months or so of the pesky creatures...

I got it done. It wasn't pretty - as you can see in the picture I took when a brief breather - and now our pantry is semi-moth free...I kill the ones that still show up with a wooden spoon, it's my new the door quickly, shine into the corners with my handy flashlight and unleash havoc with my spoon... the meantime, I've managed to launder Jacob's iPod (it's clean now..except it doesn't work anymore), break a saucer from my rapidly diminishing wedding china, forget all my bank online passwords - again!!! - and let Gus water my fragile tomato seedlings..
...I'm about out of stupid things to do...

A is for Alligator

We have been working on the Alphabeth for the last several weeks, so Gus was very excited to find an "A is for Alligator" in a mailed surprise from Granna & Pap from New Orleans.

He likes it, except what are those pointy white things in its mouth? We fed it a cookie (after Momma demonstrated that it could eat Gus' beloved Gordon Engine) and it likes it just as much as the Cookie Monster...

...thank you for the sweet letter too.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bubble Bath

Like any Mom I'm quick on the trigger of my video camera (well, it's just my digital camera) but I try to consider the victims - you - so more often than not I refrain from posting video clips, but this one I couldn't resist...partly because we watched it only a gazillion times in the mere 10 minutes since we downloaded it....

...ready? One, two, three!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Come and Stay!




Gus has discovered trees and their many useful ways, thanks in no small part to Curious George. So now I have a human-monkey on my hands, one who likes to climb fences, trees, cars and swing from his tire swing at a rate that makes me want to sit down and put my head between my knees...

Oh...and he's grown at least 2 inches overnight.
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Daddy is back!



They are so alike: aloof yet intensly loyal, quiet and calm yet sharply observant and intelligent...I could go on and on, but really, what I mean to say is that we are so happy to have Jacob/Daddy back here after a week-long absence. Gus has missed his adult counterpart as he showed in his need to be near Daddy once he was back in within his reach. He even went to the bathroom with Daddy - willingly!

Three is our magic number!
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Friday, March 11, 2011




A recent study - I forget it was either Harvard or Yale or some other ivy-covered place of intense examination - praised the measurable health benefits of girlfriends. It struck me as one of those duh-studies you read and wonder why anyone has to even study what we all know to be self-evident truth and moreoever who is paying for this scientific folly...???

...well, whatever the answers are, girlfriends are wonderful to acquire and to have and to fall back on. I've been charmed all my life to meet and get to know some amazing girls and women, who have walked with me for a while or are still walking with me mile after mile of this life. I'm still surprised at myself, for having them in the first place. I've always had an easier time making friends with men and have always felt uncomfortable around large groups of women, but I'm finding out in middle-life that a select group of a few is a true treasure to cherish

Yesterday evening I hosted a sit-down potluck with my Brevard contingent of girlfriends, over wonderful salads, an old-fashion fondue and wine, we giggled, gossiped and spun deep philosophical nets around complicated issues all within three breaths with that ease that only comes when you are comfortable in each others' company and have nothing to compete for.

I love it. It recharges my soul. It is good for my health. I can feel it. So go ahead and study me.
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