Saturday, March 31, 2012

Free Rein

Gus has been lucky enough to get accepted into a local therapeutic horseback-riding program called Free Rein and this sunny Saturday morning was our first forey into all this horse.

Against all expectations Gus was VERY reluctant to get on Annie, a sweet old pony, at first. He was game to do anything else: Kiss her, lead her, pet her or leave her to go play with the barn cat...

But always a little man of his own devices, who marches to his own private drum rhythm, he finally decided to walk up the ramp and get on on his ow (big deal as most kids are first lifted on) once on he had a good time and loved doing a little make-believe trail ride (he wanted nothing to do with boring rounds in the chorale) around the property with one horse-handler and one volunteer...Annie proved to be very patient and completely screech-resistant, something I appreciated VERY MUCH from afar.

Sorry this is where the camera ran out of batteries...I was going to make a movie of the actual ride...but alas, technology deserted me. Oh well next week. We will be back and maybe ride a horse - after we pet it, kiss it and play with the barn cat.
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My curious monkey

Vor all his shortcomings Gus has one excellent skill - he can climb and he can figure out how to get where he wants to go - another reason for us to finally clean up behind the guest cottage.
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Lueg Mami (This one if for my Mami)

Lueg Mami, magsch dich no erinnere wie Du mir die Bluemli im Lowe's chauft hesch?
Ich hans umpflanzt und den de ganzi winter nuet demit gmacht.
Und jetzt han ich so e schoene Chuebel volle Bluemli uf de Veranda.
Ich wirds nomal umsetzt und zwei meh Schallene sueche.
En schoene Fruelig!
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Water Play

It's been raining a lot this past week, and Gus and I decided to pull the wash basin out of the sink and plop it down in the laundry for a bit of water play. Mainly we splashed a bit, blew some bubbles, poured water from one container to another...

Now and then one of us decided to take a sip for refreshment...being that Gus' feet were in the water, I decided to pass on his offered cup....

But we had a good time doing all that for a half an hour while the rain pitter-pattered outside.
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A Buddy for us

Gus recently has been bonding with Atlas, who is 5 and the seasoned oldest brother to three younger siblings, and therefore a boy of many qualities.
Atlas is patient, a good communicator and kind and above all he is excited to come to our house and play with us. We feel very special and fortunate to have him over and are hopeful that he will continue to want to come and explore the many big and small things around our house.
When the playing fizzles out or the conversation comes to a stuttering halt, we usually move to the front porch for a sweet treat (popsicles in the picture) and to count passing cars and call out colors...this has become one of our favorites to do.
We also play "hide from the tickle claw (me)", chase (always Gus, but Atlas and I are OK with that) or "Surprise" (Atlas is sill teaching me and Gus how to play that, but he is a master at it), we sing songs, read books, pretend to be silly or simply just play with all of Gus' toys - Gus is amazed at how many things Atlas can make his toys do and he plays for days afterwards trying to replicate the drama Atlas invented.
We are very grateful for Atlas' visits to our home.
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