Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of School


Gus ready and charged to go to preschool this morning.

Gus sitting - very reluctantly and at times barely - in group. We got our challenges cut out for us.

Gus successfully works on his first art project of the school year - a bracelet for Momma. That's Miss Bobby, his teacher, helping him.

Gus lined up with his buddy Wilder at the door the second outside play was announced...much better hearing there than for group time.

An overall very good first day. We'll go back tomorrow.
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Calling in Sick






Today was first day of school - so we decided to call in sick and go on a play journey instead...

Not really Gus has been exempted from school for another two weeks, because he is heading back for another 8 days of Tomatis therapy, but since therapy won't start until Wednesday and since I had the day off (though the laundry sat and the sink stayed full) we decided to head out on a playful journey a la Gus since it was one of those rare North Carolina breezy but sunny late summer drowsy days.

First we went to Holmes Educational State Park, a wonderful small pocket park in between Brevard and Hendersonville, where old Forest Fire weapons go to retire in a lush green, trails-framed pasture with lots of educational plaques...among Gus' favorites is a 1963 Huey Helicopter, that saw action in Vietnam and flew through many wildfires before it became a plaything and possibly Gus' very favorite object in this world.

Next we went to Pack Square, where Splashville reigns the universe of all kids who come here to cool off, while the parents get a chance to just sit and enjoy a beautiful late summer day.

I forgot to take pictures at Cafe Europe on Broadway in Asheville, where Gus ate a fabulous Banana Chocolate Cupcake, while I drank a real cup of coffee - in a porcelain cup with (!!!) saucer...lovely...Gus had a great time with the gilt framed mirrors, mugging and admiring himself while he ate his cupcake.

I also forgot to bring the camera when we stopped at the mall, where I got a few new pieces for my sluggish wardrobe, while Gus sat nicely in the stroller and chatted with the bored sales ladies...

We got a juice, then rode the escalator until we could ride no more...seriously...

...one good day...
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Making Marinara


I have my work cut out for me today. Making marinara sauce. All of the ingredients are home grown. Yum!
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beachside Potty Training





Against all odds, predictions and expectations, Gus did fabulous with potty training on the beach, in fact, he successfully "generalized" the skill of sitting on a potty from his home bathroom to a strange bathroom and never even flinched. He got to enjoy a lollipop and a movie after each successful visit. We are now on day 17, guardedly hopeful that we are finally moving in the right direction...
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Bro Dominic & I


All gussied up and ready to go out for a night in Charleston

Dominic and his cool rental ride. We enjoyed tooling around in this burgundy beauty.
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Edisto Beach Day 5 & 6 or so


Gus would have swum to Cuba if we had let him.

Gus and Jacob snuggle on the couch on a break from the beach.

Jacob enjoys a sandwich for apres-beach snack in the lazyboy

Gus rides his bike home from our afternoon beach trip
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Edisto Beach Day 3 & 4


A school of dolphins (or is it gaggle?) swam lazily along the beach as everyone scrambled for cameras and camcorders.

Gus and Jacob in the water

More wave dashing

Gus takes a moment out from wave dashing (his favorite thing to do on the beach) to pose for Mommy
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Edisto Beach Day 1 & 2


Lunch stop at McDonalds somewhere near Columbia. Gus and Dominic ham it up for me.

Gus gets reaquainted with the beach with his favorite boat in hand.

He shrieked so happily when that first wave hit him.

Apres-Beach fun a la Gus: Find a golf cart and pretend it's yours, then strike a pose that's vintage Robert Redford.
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