Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stylish Saturday

Another solo Saturday for the two of us - Jacob has been working every single weekend this month. With a slight chill in the air and fog on the hillsides, Gus and I decided to pull out some warmer clothes before going on our usual Saturday morning outing - a bike ride to the Bracken Mountain Bakery.

Isn't he cute in his new skinny jeans - score at the WEE consignment sale - and a top sent from Switzerland by Osi? Gus certainely is feeling adorable.

I can barely keep myself from cooing when I see this view. My adorable little boy riding his big bike and wearing his new red backpack - a gift from my boss-friend, Stacey. He loves the backpack and I love jogging behind the bike without a purse whipping around my hips (he carries my wallet in it, I love it!)

A well deserved, delicious and utterly indulgent breakfast - we feel very European, when we do this -although Gus loves Cinnamon Rolls and Mocha Swirls better than Croissants. Check out Mater waiting to get in on a piece of the action (he, too, rides in the backpack).

Yup, he is feeling stylish and I can't get enough of the sight of him. I wish there were more
accessories for boys in this world.

Gus waiting for the toy store to open - luckily for my wallet (in the much-mentioned backpack) opening hours are a fiscially-friendly 10-6 p.m. (and we are out way earlier than that).
Gus did good today forgoing a fit in front of the toy store and instead opting for a leisurely stroll along the store fronts and finally a fierce ride home for an early matinee showing of his favorite Mighty Machines episodes (we really dig airplanes right now).
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

A little bit of Happiness...

It's been a rough summer for me. I admit, I'm sore and weary, simple as that. But this little still life caught my eye last night and made me smile.
Edamame fresh from our CSA.
Piled high on a plate from my favorite wood artist (and friend) George Peterson, who pays my bookkeeping in art - a wonderful and highly satisfying way of earning a good day's work.
Shrieks and giggling from Gus playing happily in the front yard, and Jacob due home to share this bounty with me in just a few minutes.
A Friday evening moment of happiness.
I need to hold on to these moments.
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

En Schoene Erschte Auguscht!

Since Gus is half-Swiss we try to keep the tradition alive far from the homeland.
Part of it, involves children carrying paper "lampions" with colorful designs, they are lit up from the inside with candles and children usually march them in a parade to the nearby bonfire, which almost every Swiss town hosts on the First of August.
This tradition harkens back to the dark ages (Switzerland declared itself independent from the surounding Kingdoms in 1291) when neighboring factions used fires to signal to each other enemy movements.

Unfortunately Gus and his two friends, Meredith and Kathryn, were all tuckered after two hours of intense swimming, yet the sun hadn't quite set - we decided to light them up anyway with little effect...they still enjoyed it though.
Happy Erschte Auguscht!
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