Saturday, November 21, 2009

I think I can

Loud tumbling noises and shrieks are coming from the living room, but I stay focused. Focused on my newest obsession. You could call it speed knitting and yes, that pretty much illustrates it. Since I've been unemployed and spinning wildly between loving it one day and feeling guilty about loving it the next day, I've kicked my addiction to small knitting projects into high gear. A natural and perfectly understandable response you could say - at the end of the day, in lieu of a pay check/empty inbox, I have a pair of booties to show for what I did, while Gus required nothing of me (more and more often, he really enjoys entering some imaginary world where it's just him, a toy and either the love seat, a pile of pillows or maybe a toiletpaper core roll).

With Jacob's blessing, I've decided to take my compulsion public (aside from my fledgling etsy store) by signing up for a Christmas arts/crafts market here in Brevard. For a $10 fee I get a booth space and not much else. Jacob has promised to nail together a small table for me and my self-imposed goal is to knit at least 20 pairs of booties and about 4 hat sets by December 12. Who knows maybe I'll earn some spending money for our trip to Europe this Christmas?

Nine sets down (in 10 days), 11 more to go...let's just say I'm a very well informed (thanks to NPR and Netflix documentaries) stay-at-home mom with a tell-tale knitters hunch and a nervous twitch in my hands.

One stitch at a time - or as per Gus' favorite book - I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.
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Sunday, November 15, 2009


A tale for the cautious and another reason not to overwash (not something we, as a family, are much at risk for). Check out Gus' bumpy visage - the rash, diagnosed as contact dermatitis, by our wonderful doctor - turns out to be the result of a vigorous shower and scrub supervised by Daddy with his beloved Irish Spring soap - never mind that the BABYWASH was right THERE.

Those red bumps (a preview of an almost certain fate for Gus in 12 years or so, since both of his parents had a solid case of acne during their respective teenage years) have spread all over his cheeks (all four of them) down his legs and on his arms. Still our doctor says there is nothing to worry about, simply apply some topical calming cremes and keep it all clean and it will once again give way to that rosy, smooth skin, Momma is so fond of...

The really fun part of this - aside from mothers fleeing frim the playground with their children in arms, when they see us coming - is that it itches and bothers Gus and that his Daddy (the root cause of all this) has gone away for the weekend to a Fire Academy training course. So Momma is stuck "treating" it all and waiting in vain for it to go abate. So here is my advise to all you mothers and mothers-to-be, don't let your better (really?) halves secret your babes into the bathroom and proudly reemerge with them under arm- already red and bothered looking- smelling like Irish potato farmers ready to go to the pup for their daily ale. Don't!
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Friday, November 6, 2009

New Do

We're so blessed to have a child so handsome, even a questionable hack job of a haircut can't diminish his good looks. Let's just say that armed with an old sheet, two clothes pins, an episode of beloved Pingu and a pair of tiny scissors meant for - I think - a manicure, Jacob & I, did the best we could. Jacob scouted the locks and suggested length and I snipped and griped and fussed about possibly messing up Gus' future forever...

There is some uneveness, but he makes it all work for him. I've decided that we have potential as a toddler haircut team and, at the hair-raising amount of $12 a pop, we will pursue future trims, to help trim our budget. We'll get better...and Gus could care he did about my attempt to snap a good picture of a bad haircut.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Suck it up

Leave it to my child to get up close and personal (within kissing distance, really) with my vaccum cleaner...he usually rides on the back and enjoys the warm air exhaust, but today he wanted to be in charge...and see what all can be done with a vacuum nozzle.

Season Orange

We're busy harvesting our Halloween table decoration and use it up for some edible morsels. Gus has become an eager little helper in the kitchen, although the degree of messiness is diametrically opposed to the degree of task done - it's OK, Momma's got the rag at the ready.
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Picture-Perfect Day

Sun follows today the sun came out in full-force for the perfect picture day...everyone, strike a pose...

Consider this your Christmas I'm sure I won't get around to sending any again this year...

He is so handsome....and he knows it, and makes us work hard to capture it...
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