Monday, March 31, 2008

On the road again

We're heading back home. Denver to Wichita today. Tonight leftover Sushi (thank you, Andy & Leah), Quiznos, Best Western ammenities and "Forrest Gump" on TV - ah the beauty of road tripping. Gus was a champ today - and a tired baby tonight.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Handy Andy

A quick snapshot of a new Dad already comfortable with the many task associated with rearing babies - Gus' Dad meanwhile is still busy finishing up a bathroom for friends Rickie and Theresa.

Tomorrow we'll hit the road again back to North Carolina. We enjoyed our time here but are ready to go home and settle back into regular life. The cousins are well acquainted and will not miss a beat next time they meet. And the new parents are naturals and we're excited to see what parenthood will teach them.

If my blogging is slowing down give me a while to mend. A slipped or herniated disk (that's my diagnosis, it hurts much more than a pulled muscle) is keeping me from moving fast and without pain - and a 24-lbs tot is keeping my aching back from much needed rest. We'll be back at full-strength when this ailment has run its course.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

AM tummy time

The guys make fun of us for still wearing our pyjamas by noon, but with two little baby boys who are this much fun, it's tough to find time to get dressed. These snapshots should give you an idea of how we spend our mornings.

Cute little Edward makes the most of his tummy time (so strong he can lift his head already), while rowdy Gus roughens up Melinda or makes a big to-do over some toy or another.

It's a sweet time, indeed.

More new/old friends

Gus made two more admirers yesterday as we visited with our dear friends Donna and Mark. Though unusally solemn at first, he quickly warmed to them - who wouldn't? - and giggled and spittled his way through a delicious dinner of spicy chicken burritos that Mark cooked for us.

Their house, which they have been renovating for as long as I know Mark, continues to be a showcase of good taste and fabulously stylish touches and we enjoyed spending and evening with both of them. Sadly, I was slow to snap a picture (Gus at this point was conked out on the couch) while Mark was still around (his new job requires him to attend all the late night concerts of obsure bands, he used to attend just for fun) and so I have a sweet picture of Donna and Gus.

We sincerely pray these two get good affordabel coverage and wish them all the best with the whole baby making business - remember 90 percent of it is intuitions that comes to you as soon as you hold your own baby.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Getting friendly

We're still in Colorado...12 days and counting, but we do have something to show for it, Gus is becoming fast friends with Melinda (the wonderdog) and Edward (the favorite cousin).

Sunday, March 23, 2008

First Food

We decided to mix up Gus' very first batch of "solid" food (it's more soupy than solid) and "feed" it to him on the porch. We think he may have gotten a taste, though most of it ended up anywhere other than his little belly...he is so quickly growing up, I can't believe I say that myself now.

Easter Sunday

It's been a blessed, tranquil day full of sun and good cheer here in Denver as we celebrated Easter with Leah and Andy and Theresa and Rickie. Gus & Edward for the first time "interacted" with each other (Gus smiled and shrieked and Edward turned his head). It's our very first glimpse of what we all hope will be a great friendship between two little boys, who happen to be cousins.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Two teeth

Finally, I managed to take a picture that shows it all - the teeth, I mean. Isn't he just so cute?!

Two babes - with babies

Yup, that's us, each weighed down by a baby - we enjoyed a little journey to LoDo...Leah changed Edward at the Tattered Cover Bookstore and we walked around and just enjoyed our little adventure...funny still, I feel like the last time Leah and I took a picture like that we were wearing racing numbers and setting out to run a half marathon - we're a little slower now, but we carry a heavier load...

Bye Bye Mountains

After a mellow day skinning up Meadow Mountain with Gus in tow (check out his very cool goggles, courtesy of Auntie Leah) we enjoyed a special treat on Thursday, skiing sans baby, thanks to McClees, a trusted friend and experienced baby sitter. We had such a good time tracing our old haunts, I didn't have time to take pictures.

It's with a heavy heart that I say good-bye to the mountains - I miss them when I'm not in them and I love them very much. Simple as that.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Old friends, new kids

Yesterday evening we got to sit down and share a delicious meal (thank you Mark) with our dear friends Mark and Tracy Gordon and their son, Sasha.

We remember Sasha as a wee-bit toddler with a head full of wheat-colored hair...the hair is still the same but the wee-bit is now a long-legged, rapid-fire talking pre-schooler.

He still loves to be thrown high up, though.

Gus enjoyed watching this human sparkplug whiz around him and fetch him toys - I could see in his eyes that he was in awe of how Sasha could get up and run this place and that.

I know he can't wait to be just like Sasha.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

On top of the world!

Well, actually we're at 10,350 feet (3,155 meters) at Eagle's Nest, but after missing two Colorado High Country winters, we feel extra blessed to be up here! Gus loves all the action and the snow.

"Alles fahrt schi!"

"Alles fahrt schi" (Swiss German for "everyone skis," a song we sing on the lift in Switzerland) as evidenced by this very special short film. Note Gus' expression and the fact that skiing with a baby is expressively verboten on Vail Mountain. Oh well, we never claimed to be the responsible set of parents, plus Gus loved every moment of it, plus we became the subject of much amazement and even some impromptu cell phone camera shots from perfect's not every day that you see a six-month-old ski by. We got cheers all the way from Eagle's Nest to the base at Lionshead.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baby switch!

Gus & Uncle Andy
Edward & Uncle Jacob

Monday, March 17, 2008

Meeting up with Maia

Monday morning we met Maia at a neighborhood coffee house for some catching up. Despite being the victim of a dog attack, she made it out to come see us and - ever the artist - take some great pictures of us.
We very much enjoyed our little coffee klatsch (it reminded me of our java jabber sessions in Avon of the olden days) and we keep our fingers crossed that she and Mike will soon get to hold their own daughter, Flynn, when she comes home from China.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Glam ham baby!

Dave, a co-worker and friend of Leah and Andy's was nice enough to come over and take pictures of the cousins in their matching outfits, lovingly picked by their proud Granna (the bonnets lasted for just the photo shoot).

Gus hammed it up like the extrovert that he is shaping up to be. Here he is, by himself and with his Granna, Pap and cousin, Edward.

Meeting of the cousins

Here they are: Augustus "Gus" Johan Dinkins, 6 months & Edward Mitchell Fitzgerald, 8 days

Sweet as chocolate

Gus has a new favorite toy - a sweet Chocolate Labrador/Chesapeak Bay Retriever mix, named Melinda - Melinda just became the reluctantly proud Doggie of Edward, our week old nephew and Gus' brandnew cousin.

Gus loves to watch Melinda fetch tennis balls, loves to cuddle with her and absolutely adores having his face muzzled by her soft wet nose - Melinda is cautiously ammenable to it all...when the tugging becomes too much, she simply leaves.
She is a good dog!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Going West!

This is our second day on the road, about 900 miles under our belt and another 600 to go tomorrow - we're heading to Colorado to meet new nephew/cousin Edward and congratulate his proud parents personally.

Along the way we stopped in Nashville and listened to some live music, picnicked in gas station parking lots, got close to the mightly Mississippi and toured the Great Arch in St. Louis.

Tonight we're in Hays, Kansas, were the most exciting thing we saw are wind turbines...they are impressive not just because the background is dull and flat.

Gus is having a good time and so are we.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A hat full of tricks

Gus has a new hat - just in time for our journey to more frigid climes. My Mom sent me the kit from my favorite Swiss knit designer with a selection of beautiful silk yarns in shimmery blues and it's been sitting around for a while. Now that we are sick (we've been fighting off - with various degrees of success - a really stubborn cold bordering on the flue) I've had no energy for anything other than sit on the couch, supervise Gus as he goes to discover and knit in rounds (sometimes I couldn't even knit, just stare at it).

But yesterday I finished it and it looks really cute on my boy's noggin, I say. Even Jacob liked it, though I swiftly declined any offer for a matching tobaggon

We're excited to travel to Colorado and visit our nephew/cousin Edward and his proud parents. If only we can shake this illness and feelings of low energy. I guess I'll have lots of time to knit as we drive across the country to our beloved Rocky Mountains.

I can't wait.

Friday, March 7, 2008

My cousin Ed

Here is my cousin Ed - I can't wait until we can toddle together!
Edward Mitchell Fitzgerald born March 6 at 3:19 a.m. weighing 9 lbs. 3 oz. and measuring 21 1/4 inches. A blessing to his parents, Leah and Andrew Fitzgerald.

We're excited!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Welcome cousin Edward!

This morning at 3:15 a.m. Gus got his biggest present yet - a lifelong friend. Cousin Edward was born at a healthy (shall we say huge?) 9 pounds and 3 ounces. Mom (Jacob's sister Leah) and babe are well and resting and we hope the same is true for Andy, the proud new father!

It's been a nailbiter of a day and night for us (Leah went into labor early Wednesday morning), I must have nursed Gus about a dozen times just because I was restless and felt he "needed me" all the while thinking and praying for a good delivery.
This morning Gus was showing off some residual tension, as he decided to give the rocking chair a "taste test"

We are so excited!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Get a grip!

Gus has discovered the power of a good grip. It works on Mommie's hair, chin, nose, Daddy's beard and ears and some other non-PG but extremely painful places, as well as pan handles, paper, morning cereal bowl etc. Basically, if it is within reach it must be gripped - tight und without any plan to let go...ever again.

So the new game this week has been this: Whatever we do, whatever implements we need is handed off to Gus after it has been used (if it meets our decidedly scary-low standards of child safety) or if it isn't safe, we give him something else instead. He really enjoys snatching it out of our hands and holding it for a little while, exploring its texture and possibly taste. While baking this morning, I took pictures of a little series of Gus' favorite snatches.

Having fun with this baby is so simple!