Monday, January 28, 2008

Granna & Pap come for a visit

We were fortunate to have Granna & Pap over for a visit this weekend - they haven't seen Gus for 25 days, so they were way overdue.

Gus enjoyed two days of constant attention, a bath as only Granna can give it, and several rockin'-to-sleep sessions as only Pap can do it.

We shopped, worked, shared meals, sat and played and just let Gus take center stage.

A wonderful weekend, indeed.

When I'm president ...

Gus talks about the issues at hand before an appreciative audience at his latest campaign stop on 500 Probart Street in Brevard Sunday.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Just a-rockin' and a-rollin' with Pap! Livin' like a rockstar!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A bounce in Gus' step

Here's our latest aquisition from Target (we're right on track redecorating our home in modern technicolor plastic)

Daddy made some extra money yesterday and he's been wanting a bouncy seat for Gus for a while now (Gus is exhibiting amazing leg strength and likes to jump up and down endlessly) I'm not a huge fan of all things made in China, but Gus is enjoying being upright and since he now weighs almost 14 1/2 lbs. having him ride on my hip can be a drag sometime...

He's not totally sure of the bouncy seat yet, but he's making some tentative steps and turns...

It's a happy bouncy Sunday in Brevard

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our home is our castle

So there is snow on the ground and nothing open and no one at work....Jacob, who can barely contain his excitement about the powder day, is just itching to play in the white stuff and comes up with a bright idea...
"Let's build a snow castle!"

"Sure," I say only half serious, "we can use loaf pans and make bricks and make it real big."
Next thing I know my bakeware gets raided and Jacob is on the phone recruiting help...Matthew can't say no especially after we mention beer and cookies (the emergency supplies you have to have on a snow day)

Two hours later, almost all our friend from Ultimate freesbee are gathered to supervise the final touches to Dinkins Manor, which sits in our front yard and is now stopping traffic.

It's been a good day so far.

Beer, Bread & Baby - it's a powder day in Brevard

Snow...lot's of it by North Carolina standards (almost 4 inches at least!) awaited us this morning as we got up for Gus' first snow day in Brevard.

What would barely register on the activity scale in tough Colorado, shuts almost everything down here in balmy Brevard.

So bundling up and walking through our hunkered-down-for-the-long-run town along deserted streets is extra fun. Here are a few pictures to illustrate our day (beer & bread, by the way, seems to be what everyone stores up on at the grocery store the evening before a snow day, so we did, too....with a four-month-old baby, it's only prudent to have emergency supplies at home)

It's a powder day!

Monday, January 14, 2008

My hair - RIP

OK, I know, this is gross. But if I can't share this with you, how can you truly grasp the enormity of my shedding.

Whatever I had read about hair loss, didn't prepare me for this, it's not hair loss, it's hair genocide, a massive death of folicles, that makes me think twice before I run my hand or a comb through my hair...

It's everywhere. I'm worse than any dog you know. My clothes, my pillow, my robe, my baby, my's everywhere. Hanging from Jacob's whiskers, clinging to Gus' bottom, adding a shaggy look to my tub and turning any rug I stand on dark blonde.

I joked with my sister-in-law the other night that after stepping out of the shower and photographing the latest "loss" I felt like having a funeral for the furry hairball I had arranged...I'm sure it'll be allright again someday but until then you might catch me nervously toussling my own locks - just checking if there is still anything left to toussle. My guess is Imy tresses will be a lot grayer and not quite as curly when this is over.

I'm glad I cut it short...I would be a walking chocking hazard otherwise.

4 blue peepers

Everyone comments on Gus' bright blue eyes - here is who he's got 'em from - and no we're not feeding him chips yet. I'm in denial about solids...all I've seen and read so far makes me want to keep Gus on a liquid diet until he is able to command a knife and fork. It's a messy world in puree land as far as I can tell.

Gus at four months

He has moods and expressions that he can mix and match at his whim. He loves to laugh and giggle and does it whenever someone pays attention to him. He flirts without prejudice and delights in cuddles, kisses and backrubs. He pets his Mommie during feedings, clearly grateful for all the nourishment, making her tear up sometime, when the wandering little hand grazes her in an especially sweet gesture.

He is all sounds at times and can't be stopped or topped. His rolling-Rs are better than any Frenchman's and he is simply irresitable when he gets into his solemn chatty moods. He wants to sit up and walk and dance like a big boy and gets frustrated when held back. He loves to watch and listen to his Dad make music or his Mommie's cooking and singing and he gets positively crazed when one leans over him to talk to him.

He gets tired and naps and sleeps with abandon and he still is sweet about calling for a snack in the middle of the night - very softly and almost apologetically. He loves his paci and works it out relentlessly whenever needed.

He loves to look at himself in the mirror or better yet, walk toward himself in the mirror. He enjoys a good stroll in any kind of weather and continues to be his Mommie's co-worker in a cheery and considerate manner.

He doesn't roll yet, although we think he could, but he adores riding around on someone's hip, working tentatively on holding on.

He is all of 4 month old today, but we now begin to understand that he will only be like this for a split second and then he'll be different again. Bigger with more dept, more able, yet still, we adore everything he is right now.


It's been quiet at beanspad mostly because we've been sick with the sniffles for most of a month. That's right, I remember calling in sick on Dec. 17...and only now do we all feel like some of our dearly missed energy is returning...Jacob, who had it first is out and about again, I'm just starting to let go of all my snot rags and Gus, who held out the longest, brought up the rear of this crud with an ear infection...but true to his little sweet nature, he's been a trooper ...a memory I will file away forever...looking at my crusty, snotty baby, barely able to breathe through his stopped up nose in his crib...and he is looking up at me, clearly miserable, still giving me the biggest smile he can muster...that's my little Gus!