Friday, June 13, 2008

Sie spricht Deutsch

Here she is - a triumph of German engineering and environmentally-sensitive technology - my new Miele washer!

Thanks to my parents (especially my Dad's tireless wheeling&dealing) this German-speaking (really) front-end-loader sits pretty in our laundry room, ready to go to work and wash hard to my every whim and wish.

Among her amazing list of features:

- the smallest load of laundry is washed on about 2 cups of water
- $15 average use of electricity per year (!!!) for average user
- she automatically adjust water level to size of load
- 12 pre-coded wash programs, including sensitive (for baby), white shirts (?), denim (we got that) and silk (not so much)
- timer button, so I can dream away while she kicks on to do some diapers in the middle of the night (now if she would only change them too)
- Menu selection so I can put together and memorize my own wash program (diaper soaking, workpants scrubbing)
- 1600 rpm high spin cycle (no worries I can adjust it down at 100 rpm intervals - what are rpms anyway?)
I'm washing the first loads this afternoon - after I read and get my doctorate in the 40 page manual that is mandatory reading.

Jetzt wird waschen ein Kinderspiel werden!

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