Thursday, June 10, 2010



Tuesday brought a bicycle crash and much tears and almost as much blood. Look at my poor baby's fat lip! For a couple of hours he looked like a child whose mother's name is Angelina. By today the lip has crusted over and the tears have long dried up. He's even hopped right back onto his bike, which he now rides like a champ leading one parent jogging at a furious pace to keep up. I'm contemplating elbow and knee pads along with a bull-body bubblewrap suit...

I need more sidewalks and fewer cars!
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The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Poor baby! We have many layers of scraped knees now that it's summer (and Q has a bike, a scooter and a skateboard this year) but I think she's kinda proud of her bumps and scars. Fortunately Q is the helmet police and shouts at anyone she sees on a bike without a helmet ;)

I am taking sewing bootcamp right now (!!) and can't wait to sew something for Q myself! Although this is the busiest month I've had all year, so now is not the ideal time to get creative with clothing. Sigh.