Sunday, October 17, 2010

Swing into Fall




Yesterday, Jacob went to the landfill to dump stuff - like our old, sorry, floppy mattress, and promptly came back with an old tire - a Michelin tire, he'll have you know, a nice bald one, one someone got a lot of good use out of.

After being plucked from the doomsday pile by my husband, a self-described tire connaisseur, this tire got the spa treatment, including a wash, scrub and quite possibly a peel, well maybe I'm exaggerating on the latter, but during Gus' nap the sad, old, bald tire was transformed into a sleek, gleaming tire swing, which now adorns our stately honey-maple and has won high marks with our discerning 3-year-old.

Today, a sunny, crisp Sunday, the swing was christened as the perfect fall photo session prop. Note Gus' daring form and his Daddy's delight.

Happy fall, everyone.
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