Friday, March 11, 2011




A recent study - I forget it was either Harvard or Yale or some other ivy-covered place of intense examination - praised the measurable health benefits of girlfriends. It struck me as one of those duh-studies you read and wonder why anyone has to even study what we all know to be self-evident truth and moreoever who is paying for this scientific folly...???

...well, whatever the answers are, girlfriends are wonderful to acquire and to have and to fall back on. I've been charmed all my life to meet and get to know some amazing girls and women, who have walked with me for a while or are still walking with me mile after mile of this life. I'm still surprised at myself, for having them in the first place. I've always had an easier time making friends with men and have always felt uncomfortable around large groups of women, but I'm finding out in middle-life that a select group of a few is a true treasure to cherish

Yesterday evening I hosted a sit-down potluck with my Brevard contingent of girlfriends, over wonderful salads, an old-fashion fondue and wine, we giggled, gossiped and spun deep philosophical nets around complicated issues all within three breaths with that ease that only comes when you are comfortable in each others' company and have nothing to compete for.

I love it. It recharges my soul. It is good for my health. I can feel it. So go ahead and study me.
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The Wanderers' Daughter said...

You always set a beautiful table ;)

Elizabeth said...

Amen sister!