Saturday, October 1, 2011

One Fast Pair!

So, I do mean to brag...about us running the inaugural Asheville Airport Runway 5K...

...Jacob ran a lighting-fast 22:22 in blisteringly-cold headwind...keeping up with a handful of leggy guys, with important looking watches and other unnerving gadgets...coming in an overall 9th place and winning his age group!!!

...I missed the podium by two in my age group but finished with a strong 24:13 (or a pace of 7:59)at 46 place overall. Very happy considering my running has been erratic at best as of late.

...I'm pretty sure we were the fastest couple together....didn't see another matching set of last names that high up on the result I'm claiming that title before anyone else tries.

That was a lot of fun, Gus got to sit in a helicopter and we got two cool (and actually useable technical) race shirts.

Ahh...I love a good race now and then.

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Laura said...

2222! I knew it! No, seriously congrats Jake!