Friday, December 21, 2007

Gus's buddy Boone

Yesterday our dear friends Drew and Leah Baldwin called and agreed to stop over at our house on their way from Wake Forrest to Tennessee...we're so glad they came and spent the night...the last time we saw them, Leah and I were both at that akward stage where you are pregnant but nothing shows or is cute yet...only your pants are really they have a wonderful little son named Boone who is 2 months Gus' senior...we hope they'll be great friends someday...because their parents really like hanging out with each other.

We hope we'll get to see them again real soon for skiing in the swanky (not) ski resort of Sugar Mountain North Carolina.

1 comment:

maia said...

Too cute. Is Gus really that much longer than his buddy (proving the tall theory) or is it the perspective??