Friday, February 8, 2008

Neked an' unashamed!

Warning the following feature is rated R for (full frontal) nudity.

If you were at our wedding you'll get the title and the joke behind it - after all Gus IS the product of being naked and unashamed ... and it holds true for his nature too ... he adores being naked and is not the least bit ashamed ...

New this week: Discovery of feet, holding his you-know-what in a death-grip that makes me cringe, really getting the hang of peek-a-boo and loving it repeated a million times, baby downward-facing dog to start a new day in the crib (it's the cutest thing to see his tush hover above the crib rail) Singing and shrieking whenever his heart tells him to, and last but not least (drumroll from Mom) sleeping 12 hours through a night (that one was a fluke, but I hope it's the harbinger of a trend).

Gus is on a roll ... and we love rolling along

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