Monday, October 13, 2008

Gentle fall

Fall is here in Brevard, the season came gently with a few soft rains, a cooler breeze and a lacey haze of morning fog that lifts to a splendid kaleidoscope of rustly leaves in brilliant shades of gold...yesterday it hit me. Fall is here. This is the season I remember so vividly from last year when parenthood was still so new it was barely real. I remember waving brightly colored leaves in front of Gus' pinched infant face and telling him about the sweet smells of rotting things. I also remember how profoundly tired I was - though excited at the same time too - I'm glad I get more sleep these days...

I'm no fan of fall. Never have been. I love summer and winter (well. winter in places with a decent chance at snow) for being such ctark seasons. There is a contrast. Bikini or tobagon. You know what you're in for. Clean and simple, that's how I like it.
Spring and fall have always thrown me for a loop. They are more complicated, thriving on sublety on hues and shades a little different each day. Too fluid for me. I always feel a little lost - especially trying to do the every-day chores, while the weather is doing this or that...

But we've had a couple of brilliantly bright gorgeous days here in the tree-y mountains of North Carolina (I'm convinced this is where God came to create trees...and he kept all of them) and I have been fortunate enough to get out into our vast Pisgah Forest and enjoy a couple of idyllic hikes with Gus and some peaceful runs all on my own.

Whenever I'm in it, I adore it, despite my preference for the next season over. I get wrapped up in this annual carnival of colors and smells and get swept up in it...and that's when I understand why some people are fond of saying "when the circus comes to town, you ought to go."
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