Thursday, October 23, 2008

Running - my mouth mostly

I'm running another half-marathon this weekend.

It's my fourth if my memory serves me right (Ed? Heather?). It's a distance that has fit me well since I ran my first one around the Boulder Reservoir about five years ago...I love everything about 13.1 miles - it has always seemed far to me, but not too far. My one marathon, qualifies me to say this: a marathon is VERY far.

When I signed up back in the summer heat of July, I was chasing a haughty fantasy of how this would be my "comeback celebration," my "baby, I'm back with a sub-2 hour PR, despite my baby," my "a toddler conditions you" kind of race...

I printed out a personalized training plan, purchased a new pair of running shoes, loaded up my iPod with hours of podcasts and began to plot my weekly "long runs" around Brevard.

Three-and-one-half months later I'm much more humble about my goals. Yes, I faithfully logged my miles (Thank you, Jacob for waking up every Saturday with Gus and taking care of him) and I'm fairly confident that baring any injury I can last the distance, but I'm also pretty sure that I will slog along at my tried-and-proven, snail-like 10 min./mile pace and come in somewhere between my previous 2:10 to 2:20 PRs.

Another race, another lesson. Yes, it's a comeback of sorts, and no, I didn't lose those last 5 lbs., because that would have meant Gus could eat all the string cheese, while I run for hours. Nothing ever came of those ambitious plans to regularly do serious fartleks and tempo runs as I had vowed back in the summer. That would have required me to leave Gus behind and run either in the evening or really early in the morning. Both concessions I've found myself unwilling to make. After all, Gus loves a good "stroll" around town, and I, in turn, am motivated to go with my biggest fan, who cheers me on wherever we go.

Seldom do I stretch the way I ought to, because Gus has little interest in stretching routines. He is much more into making a human pile - with him on top.
And no, I did not "charge up" any hills like my training plan (where did it go?) recommended - "charging anywhere" with a jogging stroller and a 20-plus pound passenger is pretty impossible, if you ask me.
So this Saturday, send me a little prayer or a thought - I think I could use it - somewhere between mile 9 and 11.
I may not be fast, but I'll have fun and I'll look forward to seeing my two biggest fans at the finishing line.


hconnell said...

you ran a smoking fast 1:54 (I think) at our Boulder Backroads Race.. you will be amazing. Wish I were running with you!

Melody said...

Hi, Geraldine,

I'm Melody, one of your colleagues from the Vail Daily/Vail Valley Business Today newsroom circa 1998-99. Congratulations on your beautiful "bueb," Gus, your marriage, and your new life in North Carolina, and good vibes for your upcoming half marathon.

After leaving Vail, I came to Europe (and Switzerland, in particular) for a writing sabbatical and here I remain, in love with your native country. We're in Tessin. ("Der Süden ist Blau.")

You can email me at:

Would love to hear from you!