Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lots of girls (and some boys)

Today Gus and I, joined our newly-engaged cousin Say-say, and became running buddies at the annual Girls on The Run 5K in Asheville. Under brilliant skies, we ran, walked, and talked without so much as a comma with Brooklyn (pictured on the right) and her friend Abby (on the left)...Girls on the Run encourages girls to engage in physical activity through the mentorship and guidance of positive role models and I like everything about this charity....especially the hope to pass on the fun and sense of achievement that running has always given me.

Brooklyn was a good sport and valiantly fought her way up the many uphills...on a particularly knarly stretch she suddenly turned to me and said between labored breaths..."I'm hungry and my feet hurt" I had to laugh out loud and then told her with a as much assurance as I could muster that that's quite normal "I have felt that way many of mornings on long runs"...she gave me a look of mild disgust and inquired how much longer we had to go...for the 20th time or so...

Gus' favorite thing was the balloon...he got to keep them...

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