Monday, December 8, 2008

So big!

Yesterday afternoon I walked by Gus' room only glancing in out of habit to see how the afternoon nap was progressing...Gus looked up and smiled - perched on his belly atop the guardrail of his crib - I ran and hollered, waking my other napping man...then we spent the next hour lowering the crib to the lowest most position (that required a recall patch-up kit, I had luckily sent for a couple of months ago) and eliminated the bumper pads and little baby crib adornments...then my two men climbed in and tried it on for size...literally! We think we're safe for another couple of months or 4 more inches in height...

After 15 months of use it's probably only normal that the nursery's cuteness is fading, all the bows and frills look worn or pointless. I'm oddly perterped by the fact that is starting to look like a messy little boy's room..."slow down" is what I want to no one in particular.
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