Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ed & I

Monday was for hanging out and making the most of the time remaining with cousin Edward. Here, Gus is at his happiest, driving the neighbors fancy little red sports cabriolet.

OK, I admit it, totally contrived, but we had to work so hard to get the two cousins to sit still!

They enjoy each other's company, but they are both VERY busy and happy to play alongside each other, just far enough apart to make any fancy camera work feel futile...so plopping them down and snapping away haphazardly is the way to go for now - all in the name of posterity, when they'll be not only related, but great friends and successful, famous, beloved men - and we have the adorable baby pictures to prove how far back they go.
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The Wanderers' Daughter said...

I love that second photo. Gus has his mommy's smile.

Angie Davis said...

and as much as i would love to beautifully capture 2 boys together 'au naturel'.....yeah, contrived is the only way to go most of the time!