Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wedding Days

This morning over breakfast with cousin Sara - this being our third anniversary and also four days away from Sara's own wedding day - I drug out the ol' heavy photo album and we looked and I reminisced...

I don't just love my husband and the many memories we have already collected in our three years of marriage, I'm also very much in love with our wedding day...that becomes clear to me whenever I perurse our thome that holds the images of that balmy April day in Alabama.

It brings back memories of excitement at making this commitment to the man of my dreams, the sun on my back, the smell of hairspray, the chatter of the arriving guests, the happy fussing of my bridesmaids (the hardest-working-and-still-looking-great trio of bridesmaids, these ladies where so much more than just photo props). The expression on my mother's face and the pride in my dad's smile and the relief that the day had come and that there would be a "yes" & "yes" and then a honeymoon and no more to-do least for a week.

To love and weddings and celebrations of them every year thereafter. Marriages are like a precious metal to me. They can be shined up yet the patina is what makes them beautiful. Thank you, Jacob, for chosing me.

And I wish and pray for beauty and happiness for the special day for Sara & Will this Saturday in the same barn in Alabama.

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