Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fun @ the Amazing Savings!





While Jacob played in a tennis tournament on a nearby court, Gus and I decided to explore downtown Asheville this past Saturday. Asheville - 30 min. from Brevard - is a spunky small city with a lot of crunch. Case in point the discount health food store, where we always have a great time. Gus loves the bright green walls in the edgy little cafe...and I love the 5 minutes of uninterrupted bliss i get from gazing into a perfectly foamed cappuchino while sitting on a designer cool orange couch, kicking back in my decidedly un-cool running gear (I had just rocked a trail I cared little about not being the staff in the little cafe always makes us feel so welcome...we feel like royalty regardless of attire-faux-pas.)
They also added the sweetest little kitchen play set, which I want to steal and Gus wants to marry...we had a good time and even picked up a few healthy groceries all in one giggle-filled trip.

oh...and Jacob won...handy...both of his matches...yeah! Team Dinkins showed up on Saturday and rocked!
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