Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm three!!!


What a tiny number.
What a great journey.
Too many "new" to keep track.
Too many memories to contain.
So much happiness to revel in.
We love you. Augustus!

-You don't have a favorite color, though "lellow" and blue are your go-to color guesses.
-You will sit down and read a book - to yourself, if you have to - anywhere, anytime, before doing anything else.
-The washer in motion is your favorite place in the house. Your Grosspape is proud of you for that.
-All our photo albums are dog-eared because of your daily search through them - as all good photo albums should be.
-You make a peepee like a big boy, but have no interest in the whole poopie business.
-You can play so beautifully, so contained, so alone, so happy, so creatively - I stand in awe of that.
-You run, climb, swing, bike circles around everyone - I'd be amazed if I wasn't so tired of it.
-You treat wounds, booboos and injuries with much courage and show mind over matter in all things pain.
-You are starting to tell jokes - often just the punchlines - and love getting a good laugh.
-You hurt when I hurt, even when you are the one who hurt me.
-The dryer (not working) is your second favorite place in the house.
-You hate socks, love butter and miss "The Little Engine That Could" whenever Daddy hides it.
-You have caught on to us "abbreviating" books and you are now in charge of turning the pages.
-You can sing "Firetruck," "You are my Sunshine" and "Froggie went a'courtin'" beautifully if out of tune.
-You still like to go for a jog in the stroller and urge your Momma to go faster.
-You sleep like a baby, eat like a supermodel and make a mess like a repairman.
-You are excited about going to "peeschool" - soon!
-You love your friends and delight seeing them - even if you adore alone time just as much.
-You love your little toys (playmobil men, matchbox cars etc.) and will search the house to find a missing one.
-Your memorization skills are par none - unmatchable.
-You say "what's wrong?" or "What's the matter?" when you mean to tell me something is wrong.
-You are funny, warm, cuddly and still so sweet.
Stay three for me forever - please?
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The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Isn't the memorization amazing? They have such little computer brains at this age. Happy 3!!!