Monday, February 21, 2011

A sight of Spring



I adore my winter was given to me as a parting gift from my friend Alston and her hubby Nick, who rented our house before we bought it, and the other came along soon thereafter, I can't remember from whom and why. What I do remember is they didn't look like much to me that September and really for most of the year I wrestle with the stubborn shoots trying to train them up my porch stairs and feel little love for this very diligent grower in my puny landscaping plan, but today they remind me that all can be well with just a bit of warmth and sunshine.

Aren't they glorious? I'm so longing for the mild days of spring...and though I know my winter jasmine is aptly named because it'll snow on them at least one more time, the simple forethought of spring makes me pause and smile.
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