Monday, January 9, 2012

Ski fever!


Nevermind, that's actually a bad pun, in light of Gus just emerging from 3 days of fevers and a bad cold that reached its zenith with an ear infection. At least we caught that early and today he is feeling markedly better - antibiotics are a good thing, when you really need them.

We've been watching and talking about skiing. The plan is to take Gus to Laurel Ridge this winter and teach him how to ski in earnest - he seems ready. Today, after looking at Daddy's skis for a week, he decided to try them on for fit.

He kept saying "push, Momma, push" as I snapped the picture and he even attempted a somewhat uneven Texas Tuck.

Atta boy! We can't wait to hit the famed black diamond slopes of Western North Carolina!
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a said...

send that kid to colorado!!