Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A quick Toot of my own Horn

I have three resolutions for the new year. I will work hard to make this a strong year full of discovery and learning for Gus. I will work hard to take care of myself, and - drumroll here - I will try to use writing to help myself become more comfortable with Autism.

So I've been quietly writing away, trying to update my other blog dedicated to Gus & his diagnosis, at least two or three times a week. Feel free to read and pass it on. I don't have a good gauge of it yet. I'm just dabbling and that feels good for now. I hope to someday organize it into a part how-to, tips&tricks, DIY and part inspirational/funny (there is so much humor in Autism, someday I'm going to do write a stand-up routine on it) blog, but for now it is just a mad jumble of whatever jogs my mind that particular day.

In my wildest dreams I aim to write something that provides a lightbulb-moment for an affected parent, without being preachy and judgmental (what? You are not gluten-free?!) while, at the same time, I hope to make Autism interesting enough (this is where the humor comes in) to pull in someone who might not ever have to know much about Autism (but will thank me quietly when that funny-weird acting person takes a seat next to them on the subway).

I don't want to fret too much or make people sad. But I do want to be honest and transparent. I want to try to make people care and spread the word, that Autism is here to stay and the more we know, the more understanding we can offer to those affected, the better we all can live in harmony.

So go read if you have a moment, and feel free to pass it on.

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