Saturday, March 31, 2012

Free Rein

Gus has been lucky enough to get accepted into a local therapeutic horseback-riding program called Free Rein and this sunny Saturday morning was our first forey into all this horse.

Against all expectations Gus was VERY reluctant to get on Annie, a sweet old pony, at first. He was game to do anything else: Kiss her, lead her, pet her or leave her to go play with the barn cat...

But always a little man of his own devices, who marches to his own private drum rhythm, he finally decided to walk up the ramp and get on on his ow (big deal as most kids are first lifted on) once on he had a good time and loved doing a little make-believe trail ride (he wanted nothing to do with boring rounds in the chorale) around the property with one horse-handler and one volunteer...Annie proved to be very patient and completely screech-resistant, something I appreciated VERY MUCH from afar.

Sorry this is where the camera ran out of batteries...I was going to make a movie of the actual ride...but alas, technology deserted me. Oh well next week. We will be back and maybe ride a horse - after we pet it, kiss it and play with the barn cat.
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