Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Buddy for us

Gus recently has been bonding with Atlas, who is 5 and the seasoned oldest brother to three younger siblings, and therefore a boy of many qualities.
Atlas is patient, a good communicator and kind and above all he is excited to come to our house and play with us. We feel very special and fortunate to have him over and are hopeful that he will continue to want to come and explore the many big and small things around our house.
When the playing fizzles out or the conversation comes to a stuttering halt, we usually move to the front porch for a sweet treat (popsicles in the picture) and to count passing cars and call out colors...this has become one of our favorites to do.
We also play "hide from the tickle claw (me)", chase (always Gus, but Atlas and I are OK with that) or "Surprise" (Atlas is sill teaching me and Gus how to play that, but he is a master at it), we sing songs, read books, pretend to be silly or simply just play with all of Gus' toys - Gus is amazed at how many things Atlas can make his toys do and he plays for days afterwards trying to replicate the drama Atlas invented.
We are very grateful for Atlas' visits to our home.
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