Sunday, June 3, 2012

Playing Dirty

Today we finished our first ever mud run (a 5K with 23 obstacles in it - most of them having something to do with dirt, water or both). Jacob raced on a 4-some team with his firefighter colleagues - and then decided to run it one more time - just because that's how tough he is.

That tough...

I raced with my best Brevard girlfriends: Perry, Aleshka & Heather, as dirty, white squirrels (Brevard is famous for having a healthy population of non-albino white squirrels) and despite all my worries that this wouldn't be fun - I like distance, I like racing against clocks, and I like my race course unencumbered - I was surprised by how much fun, wallowing in mud pits can be.
I felt tough, tough as you can feel with fuzzy white ears and glitter on my arms.
Today was a good day.
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