Friday, June 1, 2012

Water Play

It's been hot and sunny here in beautiful Brevard and we were lucky enough the other day to steal away in the late afternoon as the whole Dinkins family of three to go explore a good swimming hole in the Davidson River in Pisgah National Forest (we are truly spoiled, this unspoiled piece of idyllic scenery is just three traffic lights away from our home.)

Gus has discovered swirling mud in the water and can be bent over happily in frigid water doing just that - swirling mud in the water....all the while displaying the cutest, tiniest little plumber's butt....I need to remember to cover the cheeks in sunscreen, as well.

The second funny sight, is the fact that a bit further up the stream and a bit deeper in the water, there is the exact replica - plumber's butt and all - bent over to pick up rocks to skip - Jacob can do that seemingly for hours, as well.

They both look so much alike in that moment, same rib cage ripples under the skin, same curve to their bent back, same singular focus...

...I guess this is an early Father's Day post. They are so much alike, sometimes I have to tell myself I'm there to point that out, not to feel left out.

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a said...

holy smokes!!! Gus is so big!!!! Ack! Hope he has fun at camp.