Sunday, September 9, 2012


Maybe it was the brandnew doughnut pan complete with recipe for buttermilk doughnuts, that I scored at the thriftstore this week, or maybe it was the fact that Gus has been watching "Ratatouille" again lately, but this morning, we both looked at each other, after waving Daddy off, and decided to fire up the oven.
Baking/Cooking adventures here we come!
Gus has become sort-of-proficient in egg-cracking and scrambling....there are casualties and I try to keep extra eggs at hand.

Gus is definitely proficient in all things he is getting ready to melt butter after expertly cutting it into the bowl.

Gus is ready to mix it all up and pour it into the adorable pan.

Gus is ready to bake these puppies! See that
face..that's Gus' low blood-sugar face.

Because we are saving the doughnuts for later, we (he) decided to whip up a quick cheese omelette for lunch. He cracked (one egg on the floor, two in the bowl), scrambled, salted, poured, watched it set in the pan, and flipped it (with Momma's help) and then sat down to eat it all.
The best part is that you can cut omelettes into pieces...that's Gus' biggest pleasure at the table these days...cutting things with the side of his spoon.
Bon Appetite!
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