Monday, January 14, 2008

Gus at four months

He has moods and expressions that he can mix and match at his whim. He loves to laugh and giggle and does it whenever someone pays attention to him. He flirts without prejudice and delights in cuddles, kisses and backrubs. He pets his Mommie during feedings, clearly grateful for all the nourishment, making her tear up sometime, when the wandering little hand grazes her in an especially sweet gesture.

He is all sounds at times and can't be stopped or topped. His rolling-Rs are better than any Frenchman's and he is simply irresitable when he gets into his solemn chatty moods. He wants to sit up and walk and dance like a big boy and gets frustrated when held back. He loves to watch and listen to his Dad make music or his Mommie's cooking and singing and he gets positively crazed when one leans over him to talk to him.

He gets tired and naps and sleeps with abandon and he still is sweet about calling for a snack in the middle of the night - very softly and almost apologetically. He loves his paci and works it out relentlessly whenever needed.

He loves to look at himself in the mirror or better yet, walk toward himself in the mirror. He enjoys a good stroll in any kind of weather and continues to be his Mommie's co-worker in a cheery and considerate manner.

He doesn't roll yet, although we think he could, but he adores riding around on someone's hip, working tentatively on holding on.

He is all of 4 month old today, but we now begin to understand that he will only be like this for a split second and then he'll be different again. Bigger with more dept, more able, yet still, we adore everything he is right now.

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maia said...

Oh my what a happy, beautiful baby boy!!And yes, those are just about the bluest eyes around!
Glad to hear you are all back in the land of the healthy...I'm loving this flurry of Gus photos!!