Thursday, January 17, 2008

Beer, Bread & Baby - it's a powder day in Brevard

Snow...lot's of it by North Carolina standards (almost 4 inches at least!) awaited us this morning as we got up for Gus' first snow day in Brevard.

What would barely register on the activity scale in tough Colorado, shuts almost everything down here in balmy Brevard.

So bundling up and walking through our hunkered-down-for-the-long-run town along deserted streets is extra fun. Here are a few pictures to illustrate our day (beer & bread, by the way, seems to be what everyone stores up on at the grocery store the evening before a snow day, so we did, too....with a four-month-old baby, it's only prudent to have emergency supplies at home)

It's a powder day!

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maia said...

Oooh - beautiful!!