Monday, January 14, 2008

My hair - RIP

OK, I know, this is gross. But if I can't share this with you, how can you truly grasp the enormity of my shedding.

Whatever I had read about hair loss, didn't prepare me for this, it's not hair loss, it's hair genocide, a massive death of folicles, that makes me think twice before I run my hand or a comb through my hair...

It's everywhere. I'm worse than any dog you know. My clothes, my pillow, my robe, my baby, my's everywhere. Hanging from Jacob's whiskers, clinging to Gus' bottom, adding a shaggy look to my tub and turning any rug I stand on dark blonde.

I joked with my sister-in-law the other night that after stepping out of the shower and photographing the latest "loss" I felt like having a funeral for the furry hairball I had arranged...I'm sure it'll be allright again someday but until then you might catch me nervously toussling my own locks - just checking if there is still anything left to toussle. My guess is Imy tresses will be a lot grayer and not quite as curly when this is over.

I'm glad I cut it short...I would be a walking chocking hazard otherwise.

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maia said...

...don't worry. I've seen my pregnant friends and relatives go through all sorts of bodily morphing in the post-pregnancy months (one even lost so many bra sizes after quitting nursing that she was flatter than she'd been since puberty and had to buy all new bras) but all these things seem to regulate themselves with time. Your body knows what it's doing. But you know that!