Monday, September 1, 2008

Migros is awesome!

If you ever visit Switzerland, here is my advice: Stay as close as you can to a Migros at all times. Migros is Switzerland's largest grocery chain (kind of like Publix or Ingle's or Safeway, depending on where you live). It's squeeky clean, everything is beautifully arranged, and the attention paid to details makes grocerz shopping akin to a walk in an art museum.

But the best part is that every Migros has a restaurant that would rival any Starbucks and fine dining establishment in the U.S. complete with a super (that's Swiss for great) playground stocked high with sleek Swedish toys and games that are low on batteries and plastic and high on educational values...even the high chairs are stylish in this place.
oh...and the coffee (at the press of a button) is to die for, simply divine...I've forgotten how good coffee is here.

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