Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Work it cover boy!

Unadorned, practical, frumpy even - those are the words that describe my fashion sense these days...but you wouldn't know it if you look at my mini model here...whenever I get ambitious, Gus gets "dolled up" and then he strolls and vogues on the imaginary catwalk in our kitchen like a proud lil' rooster, while I snap away...don't feel bad for me though, now and then I manage lipstick and then I feel almost worthy of taking this cute little man out on the town.

He is so much a little mischivious boy now it simply astonishes me:
- He throws stuff in the garbage - some of it not meant to go there - like my cellphone
- He also likes to throw shoes over the kiddy gate down the basement stairs...one shoe of every one of my pairs, he leaves his Daddy's shoes alone...dont' know what to make of that...
- he picks up the phone and - with a hillariously serious face - dials numbers and "bruschles" (Swiss-German for important under-your-breath muttering) into the phone (usually into the wrong side)
- he loves to carry the compost pail all the way to the compost in the backyard (I carry him)
- he will rather push his stroller than sit in it (while I'm fantasizing about parking my lazy butt in it)
- he grabs his Daddy's keys and tries to stick them in the ignition when we play in the truck (we do that when I read the mail or a book) I know someday I will look up from a particularly outrageous credit card bill or a really good paperback to discover that I'm going down the road, chauffeured by my 1-year-old
- we run around all day and play every instrument we come across (that includes the diaper pail, Daddy's banjo, the tennis raquet and Mommie's belly)
- He loves to help me "clean" running around with a rag or stomping by with his broom
- You should see what he can do with an unattended phone book - Origami is NOTHING compared to his crinkle art
- He is VERY busy, almost ALL THE TIME (..and so am I)

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