Monday, September 15, 2008


December 07 - three months old

March 08 - six month old

September 6, 2008 - almost one year old
What do you say after a year like no other cames full circle?
- Thank you.
Thank you for being a healthy, happy newborn
For never complaining, even when Momma "forgot" a feeding or a diaper change.
For giggling so early, so heartily.
For sleeping so much, when I needed you to.
For surviving that first shaky bath, I inflicted upon you.
For simply loving everything and everyone - it's
made my life so much richer.
For growing and thriving in all the right percentiles - whatever they are.
For so loving your Daddy and me equally.
For napping so reliably.
For smiling and laughing so much.
For not crying when we flew across the big ocean.
For still nursing - we may not admit it but we both still need and love it.
For being so eager to be big and do things on your own.
For being my son and giving me those thight little hugs and
saliva-glazed kisses to make sure I know.
I love you, my toddler. Thank you.

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sarah said...

perfectly put by my favorite poetess :) makes me want to write again. miss you tons!!!