Monday, January 26, 2009

Burned out

I wish I had my friend Brynn's subtly positive and generous outlook when it comes to technology-induced malaise. Well, I don't. I'm still sputtering from the news given by our computer guy that my hard drive is - and I quote - "a goner"...
A goner? What do you mean? I'm thinking to myself, while fury rears it's ever-attentive head for some impromtu sommersaults around my brain. Where did it go with all my pictures, my songs, my books, my beloved podcasts and -drumroll, please - my year's worth of Quickbooks accounting for Jacob's business and our personal finances?
...and can I file for looting charges?
"Nope" my computer guy said in that typical deliberate-chattiness so rampant with techonoly-gifted people. "You could get a new hard drive and start all over again," he suggested on second thought in response to my inquiry if anything - ANYTHING - could be done.

Well. I'm still mad. Mad at my friend Brynn's memory fairies who came and took all our stuff without asking...and unlike her I'm still thinking in terms of I'll be doing our taxes by hand AGAIN (that serves you right stupid hard drive) and I'll be starting all over BUT NOT ON A NEW HARD DRIVE...instead I'll be on the laptop...yeah, I feel like a winner...move over, dear husband watching a Netflix movie...I need to enter some receipts, or move over dear husband, researching the best porch decking on the Web, I need to update and post a new cute picture of Gus on the blog...

We'll be back...right now I'm going to go scrub the bathroom floor...that always helps the fury settle back down from it's gymnastics practice.
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Brynn said...

Oh man,m what a bummer. I don't care for our finances well enough to have lost anything in that realm. The elixer for the demise of our drive was that our house in Taos closed on the day it bit the dust. Nothing could have phased me that day.

Been thinking of you as I flip through Foxfire. You and Jacob seem just the people to really appreciate and resurrect the traditions of Appalachia.

I sure hope we get to visit you there some day.


Ashley Priban said...

Hey all! Man I sure do love following your blog. I feel like I live next door :-) I hope you all are doing well. We are great... Emma Kate is crawling everywhere! Anyway, I needed to get in touch with you and I can not find your number anywhere. I have your diapers I need to get to you. Email me so I can get in touch... Thanks, Ashley Priban