Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fast fast fast...

...ok, this might reek of self-pride (that's a saying in German, by the way, if someone is given to lavish self praise, usually accompanied by frantic sniffing at the air to make the point) but I have to brag a little bit about running my first sub-50-min. 10K....check out the results here

Mainly I need to say, running caps off to those three ladies who were ahead of me in both time and age!!! You all inspire me to keep going and - hopefully - get faster. You should have seen them...all three were a vision of efficiency and endurance with beautiful gaits and regal carried me to the finish just thinking about them (and the knowledge that they weren't messing me up in my age category).

Also my thanks to my patient husband, who has had to endure my singlemindedness about running since February and to my wonderful running buddies who have been running me ragged and have made me faster and stronger in the process - the Morning Glories rock!

I got second place in my age group but moreover I ran a 7:58 min./mile pace (if you know me you know that I once routinely ran 10 min./miles and felt lightning fast). That's the payoff for getting up four times a week at 6 a.m. ...if you are a runner you know that's a deal!

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