Saturday, May 9, 2009

Not fair, but fun

So here we are: Me (on the right) who busts her butt 200 days out of the year, running and loving every chance I get to compete in a race. My mom (on the left) spent Friday coming up with increasingly more creative excuses as to why she might not be able to compete in the 5k run/walk I had signed us up for....guess who got a medal?

Yep, it wasn't me. No it was Mrs.-I-can't-run-nor-walk-if-it's-too-hot-or-not-hot-enough-what-if-I-get-lost. Here she is showing off her fancy glass medal (with the prinicpal of Brevard Academy, the school the benefit race was for) She got second place in her age she is full of it and I will not hear the end of it.

I'm proud though to have a Mother who can get off the couch (truth is she hikes and bikes quite a bit) and beat almost all the other ladies her me hope for what lies, I can run rain or shine and I push a stroller...she can't...or won't.

Good job, Mom!

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