Friday, November 6, 2009

New Do

We're so blessed to have a child so handsome, even a questionable hack job of a haircut can't diminish his good looks. Let's just say that armed with an old sheet, two clothes pins, an episode of beloved Pingu and a pair of tiny scissors meant for - I think - a manicure, Jacob & I, did the best we could. Jacob scouted the locks and suggested length and I snipped and griped and fussed about possibly messing up Gus' future forever...

There is some uneveness, but he makes it all work for him. I've decided that we have potential as a toddler haircut team and, at the hair-raising amount of $12 a pop, we will pursue future trims, to help trim our budget. We'll get better...and Gus could care he did about my attempt to snap a good picture of a bad haircut.

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Brynn said...

Oh I love cutting our boys hair. I've gotten much better at it as the years have passed. Emmett loves to save his hair and make bird nests. Those beautiful blond locks would make an elegant nest.