Sunday, November 15, 2009


A tale for the cautious and another reason not to overwash (not something we, as a family, are much at risk for). Check out Gus' bumpy visage - the rash, diagnosed as contact dermatitis, by our wonderful doctor - turns out to be the result of a vigorous shower and scrub supervised by Daddy with his beloved Irish Spring soap - never mind that the BABYWASH was right THERE.

Those red bumps (a preview of an almost certain fate for Gus in 12 years or so, since both of his parents had a solid case of acne during their respective teenage years) have spread all over his cheeks (all four of them) down his legs and on his arms. Still our doctor says there is nothing to worry about, simply apply some topical calming cremes and keep it all clean and it will once again give way to that rosy, smooth skin, Momma is so fond of...

The really fun part of this - aside from mothers fleeing frim the playground with their children in arms, when they see us coming - is that it itches and bothers Gus and that his Daddy (the root cause of all this) has gone away for the weekend to a Fire Academy training course. So Momma is stuck "treating" it all and waiting in vain for it to go abate. So here is my advise to all you mothers and mothers-to-be, don't let your better (really?) halves secret your babes into the bathroom and proudly reemerge with them under arm- already red and bothered looking- smelling like Irish potato farmers ready to go to the pup for their daily ale. Don't!
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The Wanderers' Daughter said...

This has happened to the Q so many times (and in so many various places) that I've lost track. She gets "rashes" (dermatitis? allergies? excema?") so frequently and randomly that I've become immune to worrying about it. The first bout was the worst...she had an awful case down one entire arm and down her side and back. We tried "eliminating" everything we could think of. No luck. Since then, she gets small patches that appear here and there like rolls of the dice. And you know what? I just breath and wait for them to pass. And they always do. That's toddlers for you. OX