Saturday, November 21, 2009

I think I can

Loud tumbling noises and shrieks are coming from the living room, but I stay focused. Focused on my newest obsession. You could call it speed knitting and yes, that pretty much illustrates it. Since I've been unemployed and spinning wildly between loving it one day and feeling guilty about loving it the next day, I've kicked my addiction to small knitting projects into high gear. A natural and perfectly understandable response you could say - at the end of the day, in lieu of a pay check/empty inbox, I have a pair of booties to show for what I did, while Gus required nothing of me (more and more often, he really enjoys entering some imaginary world where it's just him, a toy and either the love seat, a pile of pillows or maybe a toiletpaper core roll).

With Jacob's blessing, I've decided to take my compulsion public (aside from my fledgling etsy store) by signing up for a Christmas arts/crafts market here in Brevard. For a $10 fee I get a booth space and not much else. Jacob has promised to nail together a small table for me and my self-imposed goal is to knit at least 20 pairs of booties and about 4 hat sets by December 12. Who knows maybe I'll earn some spending money for our trip to Europe this Christmas?

Nine sets down (in 10 days), 11 more to go...let's just say I'm a very well informed (thanks to NPR and Netflix documentaries) stay-at-home mom with a tell-tale knitters hunch and a nervous twitch in my hands.

One stitch at a time - or as per Gus' favorite book - I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.
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a said...

that is GREAT!! Good luck! And have a wonderful time in Europe. I bet it's been awhile since you've been, eh?

Brynn said...

Go G!