Monday, July 19, 2010

A few of my favorite things...



Between work, playing with Gus, keeping Jacob's schedule and books straight and trying to keep the house from descending into complete chaos and disrepair, I've been doing woefully little to nourish my spirit - that's what crafts usually does for me. Aside from running, it's the best way I know to look inside and do a little spring cleaning in my heart, brain and soul.

Gardening is a new one, until this year, I gardened a bit - and a bit listlessly - to save money, "do my part" in the locavore movement and keep the weeds from completely taking over. This year I invested a bit of upfront money and treated myself to a nice selection of California-grown (and overnight-delivered) heirloom tomatoes (so much for my carbon footprint) and for the past two months they have made me anxious like a first-time Momma...either looking too rowdy or not hearty enough, alternaternating between showing signs of overwatering and looking thirsty, or appearing suicidal in the face of an endless onslaught of snails and other toothy critters...I applied Neem, pruned, prodded, doused and fussed.

Now they are finally looking like they are all going to make it (14 plants total, I'm proud to say) and even more so, look like prolific producers....

Sunday I picked my first cross-section of fruit of my labors and pains: An Amish Paste, a Green Zebra, a Old World Big Beef and a particularly tasty looking Appalachian variety...I'm saving seeds for next year to do it all over again. It keeps my hands busy while my mind recharges...

And second, but not second best, I went ahead and treated myself to a pattern and two skeins of expensive wool (usually I skimp on material, but our local wool shop is just so tempting) and I'm happy to report that my mustard-colored leg warmers in an outrageously complicated, but equally satisfying zig-zag pattern are coming along nicely...I knit in tiny increments, but every time I do it for a row or two, it makes me feel just a bit better and hopeful...and hopefully stylish.

What's your favorite thing?
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