Friday, July 30, 2010

Waterfalls & water play





I forget how simply gorgeous and singularly amazing a place we live in - until we go out for a little jaunt in the forest, which in this area almost always includes a waterfall. That's right since we live in the "Land of Waterfalls" (statistically speaking we have the highest concentration of them of any U.S. county) you would have to try hard to find a hike that doesn't either end or pass by a fact, you'll find some shoulder-shrugging among some especially discerning locals wheter a certain fall really qualifies as a fall or not.

Courthouse falls IS definitely a waterfall and an especially photogenic one, located deep in the woods with sunlight filtering through the dense green canopy in brilliant streaks. It's magical, there is simply no other way to put it.

Gus and his friend, Rion spent a shrieks-filled morning chasing each other along the short hiking trail and splashing in the water. Then it was "feeding time"

One goldfish for me. One goldfish for you. Then change roles and repeat.
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