Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fish, friends & the forest




Today was my day off (well until 5 anyways) so we took our friends Carston and Elija to the Brian S. Setzer Fish Hatchery in Pisgah Forest National Park, where we promptly used up every available quarter in my wallet to purchase handfuls of fish food for the reams of starving (not really) was fun to watch all the beautiful Brook Trout writhe, jockey and jump for every morsel and the boys tried out every possible combination of quantity and throwing technique in search for a - to me unclear - to watch the trio of little scientist at work...whatever theory they were proving, they worked hard at it...

Afterwards we went for a cool-down hike in the adjacent nature center, learning along the way about trees native to North Carolina and how abundant wild turkeys once where (so much for Thanksgiving!).

All that studying and learning made us hungry and we feasted on cheese, grapes, apples and crackers (of course I brought too much of the WRONG kind and not enough of the RIGHT kind - Ritz has it, in case you didn't know it) but we made due and fed the WRONG kind (sorry saltines) do the birds and squirrels before getting wet in the creek throwing rocks and playing catch.

A great summer outing. We'll try to do it again before the fall.
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