Monday, June 27, 2011

Best Buds



Gus is very fortunate to have a best friend in Rion, whose Momma, Heather, also happens to be one of my best friends. These two match each other very well in temperament, energy level and feistiness - often to our consternation, outmatching us.
I took these shots on the way to the shoals where we have a weekly standing date with hordes of other Mommas and their little boys and girls to splash in the shallow water, enjoy a brisk walk in the forest and eat a snack together while we all socialize, far from work, traffic, to dos and other stuff that daily life seems to be too often made of.

Gus and Rion were having a great time riding together in a one-seater and cheering me on to go faster and faster on the gravely road....quite a load especially on the uphills! The sweet thing for me to see was that not only was Rion holding on for dear life, but Gus, too, had a protective arm around Rion, and was concerned to let him go once the ride came to an end.

Sweet. Little boys...despite the dirt, the tantrums, the endless likes and dislikes...they are so sweet.
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