Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Day of Summer Break!


It's Gus' first day of summer, as he said good-bye to some dear - bigger - friends at preschool who will not be returning in the fall, but go on to kindergarten...since that's still two years away for us, we decided to spend the first day off doing whatever felt go floating in an inner tube with our friends, Heather and Rion, disappear - temporarily - when our mothers weren't catching up fast enough, though Heather tried, and earlier this afternoon, Gus strapped on an apron and helped me bake blueberry muffins...well he mostly liked the apron and being near the sink...but he did do some measuring and mixing...aside from looking adorably cute...maybe he'll be the next cute TV chef...although I don't see him yell at some poor underlings or charm random people at grocery stores into taking him home to cook for them....

The muffins are yummy though, and Gus is soundly napping...

...sweet summer is here.
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